Dresher Physical Therapy
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See What's Free at Dresher PT
Free Stuff We all love free stuff, right? Well, here are some great FREEBIES which you may find beneficial at Dresher Physical Therapy...

Free T-Shirt or Sports Knapsack
  upon Completion of Rehab
All patients are offered their choice of a free DPT t-shirt or knapsack at the end of their care with us. Stylish, functional, AND fashionable. Who couldn’t use another t-shirt in their closet or a handy bag to help organize your things?

Free Phone Consult!
Have a problem that you’re not sure if physical therapy can help? Had a bad experience with rehab before and want to be sure that you’ll be in the right hands THIS time? Why not give us a call? One of our 6 PT’s would be happy to speak with you, answer your questions and help put you at ease with the process of beginning your rehab with us.
Free AGILITY Online Monthly e-Newsletter  (Click to see a copy of 'AGILITY Online')
Dresher PT puts a lot of thought into bringing important and timely health care information to you in a professional and easy-to-read format. Our quarterly paper newsletter gets great reviews from our patients and referral sources. And our brand-new monthly e-newsletter is even more popular due to the great video content that is also included. Plus it gets delivered right to your email inbox and is much more environmentally friendly. Sign up today and keep abreast of the latest at DPT and in the world of rehab and health care. Free Access to Public Speakers on Health Care Topics!
The physical therapists at DPT have a wealth of experience and expertise on a wide variety of topics. Why not put that knowledge to work for you? DPT does free Lunch ‘n Learn Seminars on relevant health care topics to groups of 20 or more. Great for employers to offer their staff or for church and synagogue groups to offer their congregation. The audience will walk away with useful information that they can use immediately to improve their health and well-being. Free-dom from Pain!
Perhaps the most valuable thing we offer at DPT is the potential of freeing your self from pain and dysfunction. Our therapists are highly trained at diagnosing and treating a wide variety of different conditions. One of the most frequently spoken phrases by patients at DPT is, “Why in the world did I wait SOOO long to come to you guys and finally get my problem addressed?” We couldn’t agree more. The time to start feeling better and free yourself from your pain and functional limitations is NOW.