Sue Garrity

Sue Garrity, MPT, CLT

Sue Garrity graduated from Hahnemann University in 1997 with a Master of Physical Therapy degree. Her interest in PT started in high school, when several dance injuries landed her in PT and piqued her curiosity in the connection between how the body moves and is rehabilitated.

Sue started her career at Abington Memorial Hospital, during which time she completed training to become a certified lymphatic therapist. She subsequently developed an interest in working with women who are experiencing pain and movement difficulties after surgery for breast cancer.

Sue enjoys using soft tissue techniques as part of her hands-on approach, as she sees a distinct connection between manual work and her patients’ wellbeing. She loves to treat people of all ages to improve their balance, strength and flexibility and enhance their daily activities and sports performance.

Outside of work, Sue enjoys gardening, tennis, snowboarding and other outdoor pursuits with her husband and two sons.