Patient Testimonials

  • “For a period of 2 years, I had been experiencing knee pain. I had some success treating that pain using exercise techniques, but it was still constant. After 4 sessions with Nina and the laser, I began to feel a marked improvement in both knees. I would highly recommend Deep Tissue Laser Therapy to everyone experiencing pain. Many thanks to everyone at Dresher Physical Therapy!”
    – Tony G.

    Tony G.

  • Sherry Z

    Dresher Physical Therapy did everything I expected and more. The staff was always there for me. I cannot say enough about all of their help.

    Dolores D

  • Sherry Z

    My experience at Dresher Physical Therapy has been more than I expected. I couldn’t ask for a better therapist than Donna. I had trouble walking and getting out of bed, however I am now doing much better!

    Dolores R

  • Having had knee replacement surgery, I have been coming to Dresher Physical Therapy. I am so happy I came here for therapy and have an exceptional therapist, Sueann, who was always quick to address my questions and concerns. So happy for all my results!

    Sherry Z

  • Miriam Testimonial

    I came back to Dresher PT because my shoulder hurt. I knew Chris and the rest of the staff would be able to help. I am now back to doing everything I want to do, including taking care of my young nephew. I am so happy to have a place to go if I ever get injured again. Thank you!

    Miriam C

  • As a massage therapist, I’ve been working with very painful and limiting thumb arthritis for years and have been working for the past 2 1/2 years with a fractured thumb due to a car accident. I was blown away by the instant relief I felt after my first laser treatment which took less than 5 minutes. And the relief lasted! After just 3 laser treatments I have been fully pain-free for more than a week. I’m a believer!!

    Frannie T.

  • laser therapy on the feet

    I have had terrible foot pain in both feet for several years with no relief. After my first treatment there was immediate and significant reduction in pain! Even more relief after my second treatment! I can finally see a path to being permanently pain free and that is such a relief!!!

    Ron I.

  • I want to thank you all for helping me to recover from my accident. Your patience, care, and encouragement inspired me to keep trying to get better. There were so many times that I thought I would never get as good as I am now, but you kept telling me to continue plugging away. I am able to walk long distances, go up and down steps and basically have a pretty normal life thanks to you. I can get used to a crooked leg and will continue to try and not to limp. It is incredible how many therapists can gather at one center with kindness and a caring demeanor. You each have your own style, but it appears that all of you have a natural instinct on how to work with people. This is something that not all people who work in the medical field have. Again thank you.


  • Parkinson's Disease Ambler & Ft Washington, PA

    Matt: You have assembled an exceptionally talented team of professionals. When expertise is combined with compassion and an ever-present sense of humor, great things happen!


  • “I have been to several physical therapy offices over the years and I have to say that I put Dresher PT at the top of the list. All of the therapists are excellent. Honestly, I can’t say enough about the extremely positive experience I have had at Dresher PT. I actually looked forward to seeing Karen 2-3 times per week. And I truly miss her now that my therapy is completed.”


  • After a severe case of sciatica, I needed help in my recovery. A friend told me about Dresher PT. They did a great job in helping me to a full recovery, and I’m sure they’ll do a great job for you, whatever your goals.


  • I have been to several P.T. clinics over the years. Your attention to detail, care of your patients and patient to therapist ratio holds you high above any place’ve been or heard of. Thanks!


  • wendy dresher physical therapy testimonial

    After surgery to repair my ACL, I was determined to return to my normal activities. I interviewed several physical therapists and chose Dresher PT. They helped me reach my goals and I have been totally pleased!


  • It is difficult to thank you all enough for the great improvement of my shoulder, my unexpected return to tennis and the general emotional uplift that has accompanied the near absence of pain after three years of procrastination and fear about an operation. Thank you for your friendly and supportive environment!


  • As a physician, I’ve referred many patients to Dresher PT over the years. However, recently I had an opportunity to try them for myself. Dresher PT is just amazing, and I will continue to send my patients to Dresher PT.

    Dr. David

  • I had seen 2 physical therapists prior, had 3 epidurals, 1 intermuscular injection and had an appointment with 2 different neurosurgeons. Donna was confident to seek a new approach and changed my life in a matter of 2 days. I cannot imagine a better experience.


  • I first came to Dresher PT with a rotator cuff injury. My surgeon had told me to expect a two-year recovery period. I came to Dresher PT and, within three months, my shoulder was back to 100% normal. They are fabulous!


  • Donna made the whole healing experience better. She is kind, caring and talks to her clients. It’s great to understand your care plan and feel you have reached a goal. The facility was clean and quiet. Thank you, Donna. You are the best PT and DPT is lucky to have such an experienced therapist.

    Eugene R.

  • I love Karen, she has helped me so much. She is kind and patient and seems to understand my body so well. She works with my limitations and anxiety as well. She has helped me to live and function better!

    Phyllis J.

  • I have been seeing Pam know for the better of two years and I always felt that I couldn’t be in better hands. I did not dread going to the therapist. The entire staff was very friendly and courteous.

    Mia B.

  • “I would only use Dresher PT. Best trained and most knowledgeable PTs in the area!”

    Mark M.

  • Expertise, Personal Attention, Results. Your motto reflects my experience. Your therapists are excellent listeners, teachers, and diagnosticians. I learned a great deal about how my body works and how I can maintain the results I achieved with your help. Thank you all!

    Maria P.

  • I saw 5 or 6 specialists over a 6 month period and no one could get to the bottom of my problem. EXCEPT Dresher PT. Your therapists are amazing problem solvers and I’m still kicking myself for not coming to you sooner. Thank you for giving me my life back!

    Karen S.

  • The biggest things that stands out about Dresher PT are your people and your culture. It was apparent from the moment I stepped in your door ten years ago that this would be an entirely different experience. Your consistent and tireless approach to customer care over the many years you’ve been in business is what makes you guys the best around!

    Jim B.

  • I owe your admin staff a HUGE thank you for helping me through the insurance maze. No other medical office I’ve ever been to takes as much time to educate their clients about their insurance coverage and to advocate for them when insurance companies try to pull their dirty tricks.

    Cara R.

  • So completely different than all the other PT clinics out there. DPT focuses on what matters most – the patient. Thank you for your beautiful facility, the hiring of consummate professionals, and the fun and healing environment you have created. You guys rock!

    Dave S.

  • “Nearly 4 years ago I had a severe cervical spine injury resulting in 2 surgeries that left me in constant agony, unable to walk unassisted, bathe myself, cut my own food, or get up the stairs alone. And forget about driving! I’d given up. But Mike, Matt, Tyler and the entire crew at Dresher PT NEVER gave up on me. They cheered me on, gently and consistently challenged me, and exceeded the expectations of the surgeons who felt I was bound for a life of significant disability. I can do almost everything I had been able to prior to the injury AND I am healthier, more positive and even have improved posture. ALL thanks to Dresher PT!”

    Amy E.

  • “Arthritis is my enemy, but Dresher PT has been my defense! Best therapy around because they get results.”

    Donna G.