Your First Appointment

Welcome to Dresher Physical Therapy. We want you to feel comfortable and at home from your very first visit. Here are a few more things to help prepare you for your visit to Dresher Physical Therapy…

What to wear:

  • Wear comfortable, loose-fitting clothing as we will need access to the area of your body that we are evaluating and possibly other areas as well.
  • We have locker rooms available for your convenience.

What to bring with you:

  • Patient Forms: Click here to download, print, and complete the important forms to bring with you on the day of your first visit with us…
  • Please bring your insurance card and Doctor’s prescription for PT (applicable in most cases)
  • If this is a Worker’s Compensation or Motor Vehicle Accident claim, please bring your claim number and Case Manager’s contact information. We will need to make copies of these for your file.

What to Expect from us:

  • A thorough and comprehensive Initial Evaluation. Your physical therapist may check your strength, mobility, balance, sensation and coordination amongst many other things. You will be able to discuss your pain, functional limitations, medical history, and the goals YOU have for coming to physical therapy.
  • Excellent communication. We will discuss the findings of our evaluation, the recommended treatment plan, our anticipated time frames for your rehab, and work with you to develop realistic goals for physical therapy.
  • A Home Exercise Program. We will issue you a thorough home exercise program that we will work together with you to update regularly. Physical Therapy is a unique part of the health care system in that your active participation is crucial to your short-term recovery and long-term health.
  • Education. We are committed to your long term health and well-being here at DPT. We pride ourselves in patient education and believe it is imperative to your treatment and recovery. The more fully you understand your condition and what you can do for yourself (and sometimes what you can avoid doing) the more quickly you can achieve your goals and even prevent future problems as well.

What we expect from you:

  • Consistent attendance. As successful rehab requires your participation, we expect you to attend your appointments at the agreed-upon times. We understand that situations may arise from time to time, but regular attendance is essential to your full recovery. We respect your time and simply ask that you respect the time that we have dedicated specifically for you.
  • Communication: We will constantly be asking you about changes in your condition, the need for modifying your exercise program or treatment plan, and your overall rehab experience. We highly encourage you to ask questions and give us feedback during the course of your therapy. Good communication is essential to your recovery!