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Sport Pump Cryo Compression

Recover From Your Sports Injury with Sport Pump Cryo Compression

Are you recovering from a sports injury? If so, you could benefit from our Sport Pump Cryo Compression treatments.

The idea behind compression may seem counterintuitive at first – you might ask yourself, “Why would I want to restrict my blood flow? Isn’t it good for blood to circulate?” While these are valid points, Sport Pump Cryo Compression treatments can actually pose several benefits, especially in athletes.

It isn’t just therapeutic – in fact, it helps strengthen muscles.

Sport Pump Cryo Compression treatments restrict circulation in the affected area(s). This is done in order to promote hypertrophy (increase in muscle mass) and prevent disuse atrophy (decrease in muscle mass). The cold gel used inside the compression also aids in pain relief and promotes natural healing.

If you are interested in learning more about Sport Pump Cryo Compression and how it may benefit you, contact Dresher Physical Therapy today!

Sport Pump Cryo Compression, defined

You may still be curious about what exactly this treatment method is all about. According to the Sport Pump website, this innovative technology for sport injury relief and recovery can be defined as follows:

The SportPump recovery systems use compression sleeves in conjunction with a recovery pump to apply regulated pressure to muscles, tendons, ligaments and the circulatory system of through the arms and legs. This Bio Compression system massages in a specific pattern (gradient-sequential) to speed the natural recovery process. In less than 1 hour, patients and athletes alike have felt the full benefit of circulatory and muscle recovery that would typically take a full 12 to 24 hours.”

But that’s not all! The Sport Pump technology has helped numerous athletes get back to their game, and because of this, it is a treatment option that we are very proud to offer at Dresher Physical Therapy. Regarding the success of this product, the Sport Pump website also states:

Over 150 universities and more than 20 professional football, baseball and basketball teams have used our brand of cold compression therapy to treat injury and improve athletic performance. SportPump’s compact vasopneumatic pump and full line of cryo-gel, compression sleeves boasts the only medical-grade, gradient-sequential compression treatment once only available by prescription.”

What else can I expect?

At your initial appointment, one of our physical therapists who specializes in Sport Pump Cryo Compression will conduct a physical evaluation, analysis of medical history, and discussion of symptoms, in order to determine if this will be the best course of treatment for you. 

Cryo Compression has been known to treat almost any upper or lower body injury, and it can also be used as a form of rehabilitation following surgery. The compression device itself measures the amount of pressure that is recommended for the affected area, in order for the patient to successfully recover and get back to their normal levels of physical activity ASAP.

After treatment, muscle soreness may occur for the next day or two, and “limb fatigue” may occur for 20-30 minutes but should disappear shortly. These treatments stimulate the body’s natural healing and tissue-building processes. This helps speed up your recovery time, so you can get back to your sport!

Get started today

Are you ready to return to your sport? Of course you are! Sport Pump Cryo Compression treatments can help you get there as quickly as possible. Contact Dresher Physical Therapy today to schedule your consultation.