CompleteCare Fitness Program

Dresher Physical Therapy is committed to delivering an exceptional rehabilitation experience to every person who walks through our doors. But it doesn’t need to end there—once your problem has been solved and you’re back to your old self. In fact, it can be vital that our patients continue their customized exercise program to be sure their problem STAYS fixed and that they can maintain their optimal level of health and well-being by engaging in a well-designed fitness program.

Perhaps you don’t belong to a gym or can’t afford their expensive membership fees and sign-up costs.

Maybe you just don’t like the environment of the big chain fitness centers. Or perhaps your find their trainers too aggressive or not knowledgeable enough about your how your specific condition should be handled.

Finding it hard to motivate yourself to workout at home? Or is there just not enough room to perform an effective routine in your own house.

Whatever the case may be, CompleteCare Fitness fills that gap and eliminates all of the problems and excuses above. Once you are discharged from your physical therapy care, why not make a smooth transition to our fitness program? Your physical therapist can help customize a comprehensive workout program with your specific goals in mind. Our beautiful facility is well-stocked with all the equipment you could possibly need. And the best part of all…you will continue to have access to your physical therapist should you have any questions or concerns about your fitness program. CompleteCare Fitness tries to get you in shape and keep you out of the trouble which brought you to physical therapy in the first place! Contact us at Ambler & Ft Washington, PA centers today!