ACL Rehab and Return to Sport Programs Ambler & Ft Washington, PA

ACL Rehab and Return to Sport Programs

ACL Injury Prevention & Performance Enhancement Program

The ACL (anterior cruciate ligament) is located in the knee and crosses from the underside of the femur (the thigh bone) to the top of the tibia (the bigger bone in the lower leg). Being one of the most important of the 4 strong ligaments connecting the bones of the knee joint, the ACL’s job is to provide stability to the knee joint and limit rotational movements.

ACL injuries have steadily been on the rise in our young athletes for the last 40 years. ACL tears can occur in any sport in both males and females from contact and non-contact injuries.

A group of physicians, physical therapists, trainers, coaches, and athletes based in Santa Monica, California have identified 19 exercises in their research, which when performed together, substantially reduced the incidence of ACL injuries. Founded by the Santa Monica Orthopaedic Group, the PEP (Prevent injury, Enhance Performance) program is now here for us to share with the athletic population with the following objectives:

  • Reduce the amount of knee injuries during practice and games
  • Teach the athletes, coaches, and trainers strategies to avoid injury
  • Replace the traditional warm-up with updated dynamic exercises that can be performed in 20 minutes or less

Dresher Physical Therapy is one of the only rehab clinics in the area dedicated specifically to the prevention of ACL injuries in the athletic population. Our physical therapists are highly trained and experienced with ACL injuries and have over 90 years of combined clinical experience! At Dresher Physical Therapy we emphasize the thorough education of our athletes to eventually become independent in the strategies to avoid ACL injury.

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